🧠Vision and Mission

We would call 2021 a boom in blockchain games and NFT hype. Many of them require much influence to start the game; others require skill or high deposits.

We bring to life a game that everyone will love:

  1. Player decides when and with whom to start playing. To start playing, you need to have CMP tokens and a Metamask wallet. Each game will cost a certain amount of tokens, and the winner will take the entire pool + an additional farm bonus.

  2. The game is based on the good principles of financial management and luck, where the chances at the beginning of each match are equal for all players, and the plot can develop in different ways.

  3. Play and Earn NOW, pay Later! The new feature will give an opportunity to play and earn an outstanding game to everyone!

  4. Quick Start feature - It will be easy even for inexperienced crypto users. Monopoly will bring more users to Crypto World in general!

  5. PVP & PVE content with impressing rewards - All in one Ecosystem.

  6. Own NFT board creation tool.

We bring to life a game that everyone will love:

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