The talent system consists of improving and leveling up the characters' capabilities in the mission system.

Each character has a standard talent system, and everyone is free to choose a branch and development trend that is more interesting, suitable, and beneficial for the game strategy.

Each new talent spent in the talent system has a fixed $CMP coin price. The player can also discard the cost of skills using the $CMP coin. After a player reaches level 3, the talent system becomes available. And for each subsequent level, the player receives five complementary talents for each talent used.

Depending on the power of the skills, players need to pay a variable price from 1 to 15 $CMP tokens. Black Holes. Every month Moonpoly will open black holes with weekly bosses offering essential rewards. Players can visit them weekly after reaching a certain level. To fight with bosses, you will need 5 NFT heroes.

Every player has an option to take up to 3 Moonkers to face the challenge. After defeating weekly bosses, players receive a reward in $CMP.

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