Each hero has its own initial grade.

At the initial mint of the character, his grade depends on the limit of the given collection:

C grade - 150-200 Heroes

B grade - 70-100 Heroes

A grade - 20-35 Heroes

S grade - 10

R grade - 3-5

SR grade - 1

For each grade, there is a maximum level that character can be upgraded to:

C grade - Max. LVL 5

B grade - Max. Lvl 10

A grade - Max. LVL 15

S grade - Max. LVL 20

R grade - Max. LVL 25

SR grade - Max. LVL 30

NFT Heroes can be upgraded if the rules are followed:

The players has two similar NFT’s of the same grade on the maximum level player places two NFT’s into the shuttle and send it to Manewer Galaxy (sending both NFT’s to the smart contract). Result is crafting the new Grade NFT with an upper level. Grading can take up to 1 week to be done, depending on grade level. Margin both NFTS will Burn them, they will be lost forever in results you will receive new with higher level.


Melon Dusk C Grade 5LVL + Melon Dusk C grade 5LVL = ONE Melon Dusk B grade 6LVL

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