Moonpoly Farmland

Players can assign a mission to each NFT Hero. There are various available zones to explore. NFT Moon heroes need to complete particular farm tasks.

There are various modes of difficulty. Each player can choose the most appropriate for him/her. Select a mission and send there available Moon Heroes.

If they are busy, but as a player, you need more Moon heroes to complete an assigned task successfully, there is an option to add Moon assistants with a gaseous body and represent different creatures. In the Moonpoly universe terminology, these specific creatures got the name of Moonkers.

The Moonkers considerably increase the chance of completing a mission and the quality of the mission reward. However, these characters are pretty and extremely friendly. Depending on the mission's complexity, they ask for tips for helping the Moon heroes for simple payment.

In the amount of a certain amount of $CMP. Be careful when you assign the mission to a specific Moon Hero. If they fail, they become demotivated. Demotivation is a debuff imposed on the Moon hero; consequently, they are not able to participate in missions from 10 minutes to an hour.

For successful completion of the mission, the player receives $CMP coins as a reward.

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