⚔️Online Board Match

Board Match

Each match starts from the lobby, with players creating a game lobby and inviting other players or waiting for someone to join. Match size and rules are set before the game starts and seen in the game lobby. The Player must set the total game pool to start a game. There are the minimum and maximum pool in-game that has to be set. Players also can set maximum players per match (up to 6), time for player decision (30second - 5min), and maximum game length starting from 1 hour.

If the game length is longer than it was set, the winner is a player who had the most CMP tokens during the match last second. The Player who won the match will receive 20% of the total game pool. The second Player will receive 7% of the entire game pool. 73% of the whole game pool will move back to the game vault.

Online Board Match Rules

Each custom board has its own rules determined by a set of NFT cards. Custom decks generated from the players' pool of NFT cards will create a list of rules.

*Boards created by CMP developers or approved by community and CMP developers rules will be determined and listed on the official website. They will be added to the official pool of Decks.

Each new generated by player decks will have to get a score rating by players, who will be granted access to beta test new decks; beta test players will receive an amount of CMP for beta testing decks.

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