Moon Poly

Farm zones' Debuffs

Expedition Farm Zones got different hardness and debuff effects, that may affect your chance of success:
Grievous. The Moon hero loses 2% of his health every 5 minutes throughout the entire mission.
Explosive. A minefield; the Moon hero has a chance to stumble upon trouble in the form of a space minefield. Throughout the mission, every 1/10 time, the player may lose 10% of his health.
Traps. For every 1/7 of the time, dungeons are full of pitfalls that may extend the time spent in the dungeon for 10-50 minutes.
Space pirates. They can defeat weak players and take everything earned. In this case, the player returned from the mission without a reward and with a 50% health loss.
Storming. Storms that slow down the passage of the mission by 50% and swing the ship, all Moon heroes lose 3% of their health every 7 minutes.
Dead space. A chance to return from a mission with nothing.
Quaking. Meteorites periodically pour into your spaceship, causing Moon Heroes to lose health and $CMP rewards.