Each player can cross their Moonkers with each other to create universal ones for different types of missions.

Since the number of slots in tasks is limited, it is essential to understand which Moonkers to take on a mission.

Moonkers fusion requires $XXX and $CMP. $XXX tokens burn out, while $CMP tokens will be returned to the Moonpoly game reward pool.

Moonkers' skills and abilities:

The Healer - guarantees a 5% health recovery every 10 minutes.

The Prophet - allows you to avoid traps and other hidden threats.

The Wrapper - is an experienced Moonker who knows safe paths, avoids traps, and deftly escapes the pirates.

The Cartographer - is an experienced conqueror of the universe who allows you to avoid pirates and go through non-flying conditions without loss.

The Tokenomanikan - is a cunning and greedy moonker who can find a reward in the most uncommon situation and spot.

The Racer - is an experienced pilot who can avoid collisions with meteorites and speed up the passage of the mission.

The Provocateur - -possesses the ability to assume all the troubles. The player does not lose health during half of the mission.

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