🎴NFT Cards

Block/Modifier/Deck Cards

There are different types of cards:

1) Modifier cards- can be used in a game, as an advanced ability. Each card taken in a game can be used only 1 time per match.

2) Block cards - once user collect at least 40 different block cards he/she will be able to create his own Moonpoly board.

3) Deck cards - deck cards are used in-game for High Volatility and Bull&Bear Market blocks. Once player trap on any of these blocks he will one of 32 cards with positive or negative effect. At least 32 different deck cards are needed to create own board.

Users will be able to get any of cards Moon boxes, Rewards or Special Promotions.

Each season developers will mint a limited amount of cards; 70% of Seasonal Card stack revenue will be burned.


Modifiers cards represent cards with positive and negative effects. Each Player can use a modifier card on their round on any block in a game. The Player must decide to use a card or not before the timer ends.

Modifiers cards have different classes C grade / B Grade / A grade / S grade / R grade / SR grade.

Negative Block Modifiers

The Player can use Negative modifiers for enemies or their Block. Negative modifiers can reduce block gains or the start of deconstruction of existing assets. Players can cancel Negative block modifiers effects by applying a positive block modifier effect.

Positive Block Modifiers

The positive modifier can be used on enemies or own blocks ; applying modifier will cancel the negative modifier effect or any other positive modifiers effects. Every modifier.

Neutral block modifiers

Is protection and boosters for modifiers, you can apply it to your existed modifier to increase the power and extend the duration of the effect. Neutral modifiers can also grant immunity to cancel the effect by applying other modifiers.

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